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Tower Vending

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Try one or two of these small Sweet vending Towers in your Business
It's great for keeping staff and customers happy
Give it a trial period of ONE month if you like it then keep it at No Cost to You whilst it's on your business premises
You decide what goes into these dispensers
Best of all you get a cash commission, keep it, give it to your chosen charity or we can make a donation to our chosen charity Childline on your behalf. YOUR CHOICE!
If after a month's trial you find that it does not work for you then we will remove it completely free of charge

Tower Height

A Sweet Tower is free standing and compact.  Needing just 30cm of floor space and requiring no power, it will sit nicely next to your coffee machine or water cooler.  There are no contracts costs or responsibility whatsoever – just put a coin in the slot, twist and enjoy.

Pringle Tower

Why not try any of the options

Sweets, Pingles, toys, all three or combined toys and sweets.

Sweet Tower2
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