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8 Game Compendium


100 Jackpot on all games

Including 3 new slots, It’s Showtime, Pocket Money,

Cash Bomb plus Poker and Roulette and.....

.......now featuring for your venue .........

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Virtual Horse racing becomes reality  for all venues

Exciting Game-play

Stunning Graphics see video

Multiple Betting Options

All Jackpots Can Be Won From A Single Bet


FVR racing screenshot

see FVR racing video

  • No Risk 50/50 Profit share
  • These attractive games machines are provided on a free trial and once proved they remain cost free to you  and you continue to get a...
  • 50% share of the profits.
  • No obligation trial period
  • Free installation and set up
  • Free software updates
  • Accepts notes and coins
  • Just 24-26" (61-66cm) floor space required
  • Profit share or rent (POA)

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