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No cash flow issues, you keep the keys, what could be simpler?

Tickets from 25p - 1.00

Traditionally "Pull Tab" companies give the machine on free loan and make their money from selling tickets .There is generally a choice of tickets.i.e.25p, 50p and 1.00 per ticket. Each box has an average price of 140 - 160 per box thus the club will have to find around 450 to 600. Because of the current financial climate some clubs find it hard to find this amount within the usual 30 day credit terms offered by other companies. We offer PAY AS YOU PLAY to help clubs to have access not only to the smaller set sizes but also to the very big money earners like our 10,000 and 20,000 sets. These sets are supplied to you with no "up front" costs and the club will then be charged only for what it uses per month. On the big 1 set the club will earn almost 5000 for the set! To make this possible, we have a GSM Transmitter in our machines that monitors both ticket sales and money placed into the machine. This information is available on-line to the customer 24 hrs per day and seven days per week All of our customers can log onto their machines to see what their machine had taken, when it needs restocking and also how much the machine had been used. The machine can either be sited on the wall or on a stand which allows the customer to move it when necessary

No VAT or MGD to pay on your takings 
Keep all your profits

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